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incuDoctors help jump-start medical care professional practice.

incuDoctors aims to incubate doctors and medical care professionals to stand on their own feet in saving life.



incuDoctors is an incubator for medical providers and offers co-working space for doctors and medical care professionals.  A big hurdle that most medical providers need to overcome in starting their business or expanding to a new location is to commit a long-term lease for a medical office.  Our center helps medical care providers with a flexible office solution and other resources.  It reduces the initial startup cost and provides expandable spaces when their market grows.  With multidisciplinary medical providers working in the center, it creates opportunities to learn from each other and form a great referral network.  incuDoctors also continues exploring software packages to reduce administrative works, to optimize patient experience, and to enhance efficiency for the medical care operation. For early stage medical professionals, the higher level members will allow you to enjoy the administrative services and nurse assistant from incuDoctors to relieve the potential HR stress.  All of the benefits from joining this center aims to develop a successful health care business with you.


Pay- As-You-Go

Your extended office is one click away

Step 1: Sign up for membership

Membership is required and subject to approval to join the center.  Once the membership is approved, you could enjoy the benefits with reasonable monthly fee.

Step 2: Pick dates from calendar

Medical Professionals have flexibility to select available rooms for the schedule that they need.  No long-term commitment!

Step 3: Complete the check out

Once the membership account is set up, the check out is quick and easy.  The payment will be processed right away, and the rooms will be ready for you on time.